IGS Building

Front view, stucco and copper front facade IGS Entryway IGS From Street Access
IGS Break room SSA LOGO IGS Secret Before Picture
IGS open office area IGS executive office IGS command central

Next time you are traveling near 3036 E Russell Road have a glance at the IGS Building by KenSmall. At that time the firm's work was primarily on larger projects. They would occasionally seek out a “Fun Design Challenge” for a client with particular taste and a willingness to provide a good budget. The IGS office building is one such work.

Architect Ken Small was faced with a common design problem. This project was in a transitional neighborhood. Many of the homes in the area were being rezoned. The client had purchased a very tacky 1960’s stucco and brick home that had been a “Pirated” office. They directed the firm to ‘add on and remodel’. The client was looking for an end product that would present well to a few occasional customers visiting from out of town and be a home for a family owned and operated telecommunications related business. They wanted the clients to know that IGS had their own quality, modern office building by seeing the exterior picture of it in IGS’s brochure (not a converted house).

The solution is a stucco, galvanized steel and copper building that says “Quality Commercial Building” without overshadowing the nearby neighborhood. It exemplifies the idea that an office building conversion can uplift the neighborhood with the vision of quality office space. The clean horizontal stucco banding distances itself from the “Add paint and paving” house reconstructions that are commonly found in Las Vegas without overpowering the scale of the nearby development. Small wanted to convey the symbiosis of the simple use of technology and high standards that the company exemplifies to it’s customers by using simple forms and a limited number of quality materials in an imaginative way.

Adding to the quality of this building is an outstanding professional quality interior finish selection and artwork selection done by the IGS family group. The interiors are characterized by high contrast colors including black marble and brightly colored tile. A variety of spatial forms from intimate private offices to the shock scale entryway and “Command Central” completely conceal the original form of the structure and instead offer a wide array of areas for various sized working teams. The office space is well integrated with a luxury warming kitchen and huge family style back porch for the staff.

The 3400 square foot project was completed in 2001.